|| We transform our students into strong, confident writers.


At Workshop, we know that all students can become successful writers when they have methods that work for them. Our innovative approach empowers students to take control of their writing—even students who think they’re “bad writers.”


We specialize in customized writing methods for students who don’t think of themselves as writers. We teach all kinds of students—including visual thinkers, mathematical types, and students who learn best by doing—to turn their learning styles into strengths in the writing process. We help students make discoveries, get their ideas onto the page and write great essays.


Workshop offers customized in-person and online tutoring for students at all levels, from the primary grades through graduate school and beyond. Our sessions are led by experienced, highly qualified tutors. We also offer sessions for parents interested in finding out more about our approach.


Workshop supports teachers, too! In our Thinking·Reading·Writing Workshops, we help educators bring effective new processed-based, visually oriented reading and writing practices to their classrooms.


Interested in learning about our method?


Take a look at Thinking on the Page: A College Student’s Guide to Effective Writing, by our founder, Gwen Hyman, and Martha Schulman, Co-Director of the Thinking·Reading·Writing Workshops.