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|| Gain a toolbox of new methods.


We offer professional development workshops, mentoring, and ongoing support to teachers across the disciplines, at the K-12, college, and graduate levels.


Thinking·Reading·Writing Professional Development Workshops give teachers a toolbox of new strategies for effective analytical and critical reading and writing practices. Our methods are especially helpful for students who struggle with writing—including visual, kinesthetic, and mathematical learners.


Our concrete, hands-on, field-tested methods build on the work that teachers already do. Our workshops give teachers an array of techniques to help all students excel at writing—even students who think they “can’t write.” We emphasize innovative, visually oriented techniques for reading productively, asking questions, developing claims, drafting, and revising. We help teachers give students the skills they need to produce interesting, challenging, rigorous writing.


Our educator workshops were created by classroom teachers for classroom teachers. The Thinking·Reading·Writing workshops are led by Martha Schulman and Gwen Hyman, longtime classroom teachers and teacher educators, and co-authors of Thinking on the Page: A College Student’s Guide to Effective Writing. Our sessions make use of the techniques and approaches we have developed over many years of classroom and professional development experience.


Thinking·Reading·Writing workshops are participatory, not lecture-based. Each workshop is a hands-on learning experience. Teachers try out new methods, discuss ideas, and ask questions.


Thinking·Reading·Writing Workshops are customized. We work with educators at each school to identify the most useful focus for each workshop. Our sessions are flexible and responsive to educator needs and interests.


The skills, methods, and approaches in our workshops for middle school and high school teachers track with Anchor Standards and with specific reading and writing standards for grades 9-12. We offer workshops for ELA teachers and for educators working across the curriculum, including STEM teachers.


Our college educator workshops address the needs of instructors working in writing-intensive classes in all fields and at all levels, from the first year through graduate school. Our offerings include customized workshops on teaching first-year writing; integrating writing effectively into STEM courses; writing as thinking in advanced courses; thesis writing; and assignment writing and feedback.


Our workshops may be scheduled as stand-alone sessions or as a series. We also offer ongoing support for educators and departments, online and in person.


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